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The following people have been refused membership and, or terminated for violating our Terms of Agreement
Shishir Hasan - Bangladesh
Zoltan Blatter - Philippines
Zachary Churf - Lithuania
Veselin Parashkevov - Vietnam
Taib Hasan - Bangladesh
Ocaka Bosco - Uganda
Nandish Mahadevappa - India
Raman Ahua - India
Fernando Valuardia - Argentina
Marius Luparu - Romania
Eduardo Munoz - Venezuela
Serge Er - Russia
Samsul Hague - Bangladesh
Marvin Drild - Ukraine
Pierre Viau - Canada
Marius Luparu - Romania
Rul Fauzi - Indonesia
Kamilla Tyminska - Poland
Vasily Zakura - Russia
Marian Ichim - Romania
Faisal Abbas (*Softree Tech) - Pakistan
Abdul Razak - Ghana -
Paola Alejar - Philippines
Samsul Haque - Bangladesh
Lucia Nestor - Romania
Ferencz Lajos - Hungary
Irina Vardaeva - Russia
nardi hyseni - Albania
Diana Voroniak - Ukraine
Dyanko Karanev - Bulgaria
Mizanur Rahman - Hungary
Shaileshchandra Joshi - India
Francinaldo souza de medeiros - Brazil

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"REPORTED ATTACK PAGES" - (Bitdefender Total Security)
Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information and use your computer to attack others or damage operating systems. They intentionally distribute harmful software without the knowledge of website owners. The following sites are permanently banned