The latest happenings at HUSKY HITS. You may periodically encounter comments about the Traffic Exchange/Viral Mailer/Text ad business. Keep in mind, they are my opinions only!

Feb 25/19 - Cashing Out
The minimum cash out level has been reduced to $12 for upgraded members and $16 for free members.

May 26/18 - Privacy
Our Privacy Policy has been revised and updated to ensure compliance with current standards

May 20/18 - Poll Results
SmartChatbox.com will discontinue its chat service on May 25/18. Would you like to see a chatbox remain at Husky Hits? There is a poll in your members area and we would appreciate your feedback

Results = YES 24% -- NO 34% -- DOESN`T MATTER 52% ------Chat has been removed

Mar 08/18 - Now in Effect
- submitted sites that allow bitcoin mining are not permitted

Jul 27/17 - Husky Memoriam
A new Tribute page has been added

Jul 16/17 - New feature added
#1 - If you are promoting our Splash Pages and we see them while surfing sites you will receive a small cash reward

Mar 18/17 - Site not secure messages
There has been a big hooha lately about the browser updates in chrome and now firefox that display "This site may not be secure warning when you fill out a login form (or any form for that matter".
This only applies if you are logging in through a public wi fi connection where the router isn`t password protected. If you are logging from a trusted network like your own home then everything is secure.

Feb 18/17 - Cash Changes
Starting today, the following changes will be in effect. Cash for referrals - Monthly members 5 cents, Yearly members 10 cents and Lifetime members 15 cents. 2)The in house weekly promo Alaska Monday will be eliminated. 3)Our daily surf 99 claim page will now be 3 cents.

Feb 8/17 - Zero Tolerance Policy
Cheating has been on the increase lately. A Hall of Shame has been added in the left side menu. Banned offenders will be made public. We will continue to work diligently to keep HUSKY clean.

Jan 24/17 - Not Surprised at all
For those of you who collect zubees, you might want to reconsider. All cashouts have been terminated at Zubee Zone after months of promising otherwise. Is John Bell as admirable and honest as most people thought?

Jan 3/17 - Fed UP
Give them a second chance? I should have known better! PAYZA has been removed from all sites of the North Woods Group (Husky, Alpha and Big River). I will not jump through hoops to do business with such an untrustworthy company. Nothing has changed except the name. They were originally called AlertPay and no damn good then either. PayPal and SolidTrustPay will remain as my payment processors.

Dec 12/16 - I`m sad
As we all know the last few months of 2016 have been very difficult for the Traffic Exchange business. Many sites are closing or trying to sell and get out. Some TE owners are making big changes. There are sites who are thinking or already have removed cash games, surfing for cash & all cash prizes. Then there are others were any cash earned from surfing or promotions can only be used for on site purchases and not cashing out. Total BULL----, I refuse to support exchanges with this policy. Paypal is being used as a convenient excuse. As long as my sites are active & members are seeing results, they will stay open and yes! you will be PAID for all of your activities.

Dec 10/16 - STP
New payment processor has been added

Nov 4/16 - Let`s Chat
We have installed a new chat box.

Oct 31/16 - I`m concerned
Here's a very informative post by Paul Coonan that will enlighten you on the PayPal situation.
Click the following link:
What`s going on at PayPal?

Oct 27/16 - Surf Bar
Our surf bar has been changed from alternating between the top and bottom. Click icons (not hover) are now stationary at the top, this is in response to member requests. The surf icons have also been updated. We thank you for your recommendations.